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June 25, 2017
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June 25, 2017

According to American express survey 2011, in United Kingdom 45% businesses have not changed their attitude towards customer services.
Here I would like to ask a question
Why people should go to those companies that doesn’t want to satisfy their customer?
Today I am going to write about precious jewelry shopping tips so here Customer satisfaction and reliability matters most.
Online shopping for routine items like clothes, fashion accessories, cosmetics items, electronic gadgets, gift items is not new for anyone. Now it is a part of our regular activities and people are performing well too.
But when we talk to buy jewelry online it is not a joke… You have to be aware about each and every thing regarding products and online sellers.

Here Tips are divided into following two sections
Jewelry Seller

Ensure about following factors before finalizing jewelry product:

Read complete product information
Avoid purchases if information not available
Check material information like metal type silver, gold, sterling silver, pearl, diamond etc.
Make sure about jewelry size. Also check other available sizes for the same product so you can
Replace in case of size related issues after purchase.
For gold jewelry check car at like 9 carat, 14 carat, 22 carat gold, it is white gold or regular..
Ensure about weight of metal like gold or silver because price calculate on that basis
For diamond jewelry check type of diamond, stone jewelry checks stone type and its size..
Remember Higher gold rating like 18k, 22k have softer metal so every day wear 9K, 10K and 14K is
Read shipping information like its cost, how much time it takes, company that ship your order.
Read other customers reviews carefully before making a decision.
Compare product prices on similar sites. But be careful about shipping and other additional charges.
Never make purchases if product image is not available on the website. Check product from each side and angles.
Check jewelry box image if it is available on the website.
Always share your shopping experience in feedback or review comment so other customers can refer it.
Read the return policy before purchase. How many days the website offer to return products. Read if any deduction rules.

Identify Jewelry Sellers:

Check trust symbol like Verisign Trusted, Paypal verified.
Check authenticity certificate or award icons in the footer area.
Check if the site has any contact form or other information that can reach us to webmaster or owner of a website.
Check how long website offers shopping by checking domain registration details on
Read about us page that gives you more fact about the website.
Check social media presence like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and its activity. Is it rapid or rare? How many people follow?
Find customer evaluation of website from or
The web address should start with https instead of http only.
Prefer Paypal payment gateway to make payment.
For better jewelry shopping experience, be patient about shopping because it is jewelry shopping and bad shopping may be a cause of financial crisis in your routine life.

Richard Finch is a global eCommerce Head at T.H.Baker Family Jewellers in United Kingdom. Richard is a veteran author passionate to write on fashion updates and shopping trends.

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