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June 25, 2017
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June 25, 2017

A tight budget is a situation everyone has to face. Often, the month ends are those time when you have to do shopping on tight budget. You need to look for the most important and disregard avoidable articles, a very tough task when you are present with a world of options in a grocery. Here are the few of the best tips for shopping that you can use and still be happy with what you have got in your cart.

1. Discipline is the primary rule

When going shopping on tight budget, remember you can’t spend just like that so practice some patience and self discipline, like shopping with a list only, keeping a check on prices of whatever bought, ebbing the impulse buying urge, and things like that. It will take some efforts from your end but they would not be a waste at all.

2. High priority articles first

You know this is important but you seldom have paid much heed to this advice. Now is the time to spend first on the things that are very important and you can’t go back home without them. Milk, cereals, meat, fruits etc. Here also, you can add to savings by switching to canned fruits for the time being and things like that. This way you will not be abuse your credit card and hence keep your credit scores under check.

3. End of the section is good

By this it is only meant that you can look for marked down prices of meat and seafood etc without actually compromising on nutritional or taste value. Tight budgets never mean that you should stop buying healthy things.

4. Comparing before buying

This is actually one of the best shopping tips. You will get to know what price others are charging for the same thing. You might just be paying extra for an ambience you have not quite actually used. For a same product many versions are available in brands and outside of it. Choose that best goes with your budget without compromising on the attributes.

5. Coupons for regular buys

Keep a habit of collecting coupons for the things that you know you will buy frequently and use them as needed. This will help you in tight budget shopping, be it food, cosmetics, drinks, clothes, etc.

6. Know the trend and stick to your style

This will narrow down your choices and help you think inside the box. When limited amount of money is at disposal, you ought to think of specifics. A wide variety will urge you to look deeper into your pockets and can ultimately make hole in it. So, beware.

7. For your own record, keep track of the prices for things bought

Keep a little slip to add for the things in your cart and return anything you think can be “left for now” when you have gone above than the list. Sounds good!

A credit report will be a bigger picture of your financial habits but you can make it look good by changing your patterns of spending. Take help of the above list!

Reconsider your decision before co-signing a loan and prevent your credit from being ruined. Keep a track on your credit score reports and maintain a healthy financial life.

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