5 Simple Shopping Tips For Weight Loss

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July 12, 2017
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July 16, 2017

With millions of “weight loss” diets, pills and shakes on the market it’s nearly impossible to know which products are legit. Unfortunately, most of them are bogus products that will not produce any significant long term results.

When people ask me about the latest diet fads I often recommend they first focus on these 5 simple but very effective shopping tips. While these tips may not sound too exciting I can assure you that your results start by cleaning up your grocery store habits first.

Step 1: Be prepared

Preparation is key if you plan on getting in and out quickly with the right foods. Have a list with you and stay focused. People often say they do not have time to go shopping so they get fast food instead. One of the easiest ways around this obstacle is to have a game plan – this will ultimately save you a ton of time and money.

Step 2: Understanding deceptive junk food labeling

I normally tell people, if the food has to tell you it’s healthy, it’s probably not. Most junk food is now disguised with names like “fit”, “lean”, “active” and so on. You’ll also notice the grocery store will strategically place these food near the counter and in bins throughout the store. You’ll notice fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, lean meats, eggs and several others great options do not have clever marketing packages.

Step 3: Picking the right store

Not to state the obvious but some stores have a stronger focus on healthy food choices than others. Whole foods stores and places like Trader Joes often have better options for those seeking healthy food choices. I personally would recommend Trader Joes since they are reasonably priced and full of healthy non-processed foods.

Step 4: Create a food shopping budget and follow it

Most people believe it’s cheaper to simply run out for fast food but this is 100% not true. These $ 5-10 meals often end up costing far more. A bag of 6-8 grilled chicken will often cost $ 8-10 while a single grilled chicken meal from a fast food place can easily be $ 7-8. My suggestion would be to go to your grocery store and map out your grocery list and plan first.

Step 5: Prep your food when you return home

Another common issue we see is people forget to prep their food for the coming week. Every Sunday take 30-40 minutes to pre-make your chicken, cut you vegetables, make your salads and any other food that can be prepped. The chances of you prepping food during your busy mid-day is very slim. Having the appropriate containers will help tremendously since you will need a place to store you prepped food.

As a Pittsburgh Personal Trainer I can tell you these 5 very simple but effective tips will help you jump start your results today. Our simple grocery list will be posted soon on our home website.

As a Pittsburgh personal trainer for the past eight years, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women in the area transform their bodies, and improve their health, their happiness and their lives.

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