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July 19, 2017
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The demand for information in the technological age is easily satisfied with the availability of the internet. For some online shoppers, however, there is almost too much information. Dozens of brands, models, and features bombard consumers when they are looking to make a purchase. With nothing but dry text and technical terms to sift through, casual users may become frustrated with the online shopping experience. Many shoppers are not knowledgeable about electronics and become overwhelmed. Without the patience or shop savviness to purchase their electronics, the process becomes impersonal, time-consuming, and unhelpful.

Conversely, some people in the internet community are passionate about electronics and enjoy up-to-date information on the latest gadget releases. They enjoy writing product reviews and sharing their expertise with friends and online message boards. One of their best skills, due to their impressive expertise, is being able to hunt down good deals for much lower than retail market price. No website currently offers any reward to these people who spend their time and energy contributing to the community in this way.

So, wouldn’t it be nice for the first online shoppers’ community to unite the product need of one group with the product knowledge and deal-finding of the electronics experts? Wouldn’t it be nice to reward shop savvy scouts with cash back* for the time they spend to help others buy?

That’s the problem up-and-coming business Andelion was looking to solve. Creating a quick, convenient, and community-based experience for online shoppers and the best deal hunters on the web, Andelion is more than a website–it is like a personal shopping assistant giving shopping tips. Shoppers simply fill out a post for their desired product (referred to as a “posting a want”), including any specific features they are looking for, their budget, and the timeframe for purchase.

Andelion shopping scouts then make personalized recommendations based on the poster’s want, working their magic to find the best buy deal on the web for that post. Scouts are carefully selected experts in their given area and will only respond to posts for which they are truly qualified. Users will not get a refrigerator repairman recommending a good computer to buy for business needs. Matching the shopper’s desired specifications with the cheapest deal on the web, Andelion scouts make the consumer’s job easier. Multiple scouts can respond to a want, and the original poster can interact and ask questions to assist in choosing the best product. Once the customer chooses the best deal, they simply click on the posted link and proceed to checkout.

Here is a real-life example of Andelion’s deal-finding action: online shopper Craig posted a want for a gaming laptop, and his want description goes like this -“I want it for gaming particularly. Would like a haswell chip. Awesome graphics capable of playing games like hitman absolution, crysis 3, battlefield 4 etc. smoothly. Will also be using it for a bit of programming, web surfing, etc” with budget as $ 1000 and Within just a few hours, several Andelion scouts posted recommendations in response to his want, three deals on Lenovo, Asus, Alienware models from, and By using Andelion, he let the experts match his want to the perfect deal, saving him time and money.
Andelion is the place where online shoppers can shop with shop savvy crowd.

*Andelion is in beta stage now. Cash back to shop savvy scouts for every recommendation of theirs that ends up as a purchase is a future feature that will be added by the time it goes out of beta.

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