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August 4, 2017
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Online shopping is the act of transacting purchases via the internet. There are many advantages and disadvantages of shopping for products and services online. In spite of the many advantages and also disadvantages of online shopping, there are some tips and reminders that a person should always be aware of when transacting online.


Keeping one’s data and finances secure while online shopping is one of them most important things to keep in mind. Security is important not only for one purchase or transaction but for all others. There are many different ways that people can access your finances with just a few relevant data that they can lift from one unsecure transaction. There are signs that show if the website you are using the transaction in is secure or not. Many sites use technology that makes transactions safe like secure sockets layers and encryption to dissuade pilfering of information and data during online shopping and other delicate transactions on the World Wide Web.

Signs that the web site used is secure for online shopping and the like, may come in the beginning of the site’s address, which will be HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP. A closed padlock sign at the bottom of the screen may also indicate a secure site for online shopping and other transactions. Other signs of a secure site are an unbroken key or a lock at the bottom of the screen which show the level of safety for online shopping and other transactions.

Some sites for online shopping also feature an option for the consumer to phone in instead of doing the transaction online. This option can be considered secure by some people as there may be only a single person dealing with the transaction instead of God knows how many people are online. Of course, call in option for online shopping may not be exactly fool proof since the person on the other side of the phone line may have every intention of using your credit card information for something else. This possibility is quite far fetched but the possibility is still there.

The use of different passwords is encouraged when doing online shopping and other financial transactions in the internet. This precaution may not necessarily work when dealing with seasoned hackers and internet thieves but it may still deter some people. Some online shopping tips regarding passwords are to use random letters and numbers instead of words and a set of numbers which may be linked to the individual. Birthdays, anniversary dates, names and other easy to remember passwords are also easy to use on the part of the internet thieves. A combination of alpha numeric characters and symbols may help deter or discourage thieves who may find the extra effort too much of a hassle.

Other reminders for those who like to do online shopping is to be wary of phone calls, emails and other correspondence from people asking for data and information. Most credit card companies discourage their clients from divulging such information through unsecure lines. Credit card companies also do not usually ask for passwords when they talk to their clients on the telephone or deal with them via the internet.

Be wary of spam and other emails from people you do not know or emails that are forwarded. Viruses and spyware are distributed via internet connections and the email addresses of the initial victim’s contact’s list. Crafty individuals can get a hold of one’s online information through spyware and other adware that can infiltrate the computer. Be careful regarding which site one does online shopping with as well as which site one leaves one’s email address and other relevant information.

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