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When we go to the grocery store, most of the time all we want to do is run in and out of there as soon as possible. The fact that we rush ourselves often leaves us with little to no time to make proper choices regarding our nutrition. In this article I will reveal several tips which will help us choose the best items from the fresh produce isle.

1. Choose pre-cut and washed fresh fruits and veggies. If you are a person on a run, buying pre-cut and washed produce can help you attain those five servings each day. Let’s face it, if you don’t have time to prepare a fruit salad for yourself at home, you will most likely never eat fruit. So go ahead and buy the ready variety.

2. Buy a bagged mix of fresh greens. Lettuce, spinach and many other greens are pre-washed and ready to eat. Be sure to buy at least one bag if not two. This makes a great meal or addition to any sandwich.

3. Buy plenty of frozen veggies. These make great sides to your meals. Frozen veggies are much more nutritious then the canned variety.

4. Make sure to pick up some dried fruit. Dried fruit is a great snack on the go. The best place to pick up these foods is at a health food store because they have fewer preservatives.

5. Grab enough apples for every day of the week. We have all heard the saying about “an apple a day”. Make sure that you pick up enough apples to last you all week. Apples are great at boosting your metabolism and your health.

Many of us simply dread going to the grocery store. We hate the thought of walking around and looking for everything that we need. We also despise the long lines and the possibility of forgetting to buy something essential. In order to make your next grocery shopping trip a little bit easier, I will reveal a few shopping tips.

1. Make a list ahead of time. When you have a list prepared, you are much less likely to forget stuff or buy items which you do not need. Many times when we go to the grocery store we end up coming home without that one thing which we really needed.

2. Make sure that you shop on a full stomach. This is a very common problem. many of us ho shopping right after work which means that we are hungry. When shopping while hungry you increase your risk of buying junk food! So make sure that you never go without having eaten something before hand.

3. Shop with the season. If you want to save some money while shopping, make sure that you buy seasonal produce. Fresh fruits and veggies which are in season tend to be a lot cheaper then those which are not in season. This will also help you eat a variety of produce throughout the year.

4. Buy just a few convenience items. Although it may seem like a great idea to buy plenty of pre-made and frozen foods, it is definitely not good for your health or your waistline. Sure it’s ok to buy a few items every now and then, but mostly try to make your meals from scratch.

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